Facebook is used by millions of people every day. They share their experiences with their social networks. By creating a Facebook profile, your business can become a part of the conversation. Whenever your business is mentioned, instead of being static text, it can become a link to your Facebook profile. It is an additional web presence to help your business get noticed. It can run in conjunction with your current web presence, while directing potential clients to your already established web site.


  • Having a Facebook presence demonstrates your business is up to date with current trends
  • Anyone can express interest in your business by choosing to “Like” it. From then on, news that you publish will appear on their Facebook page
  • Using the Facebook search box will yield a result that would otherwise not be there
  • Automatically viewable on mobile devices (iPhone, Google Android, etc)
  • Word of mouth marketing, the best money can’t  buy
  • Having a Facebook profile can improve your search engine results
  • It is a world-wide audience
  • Statistics on profile views
  • Your competitors may already be there
  • Own a Facebook.com/YourBusiness address
  • It is FREE to host a Facebook profile


What to publish

Information about your business:

  • Who you are, what you do.
  • Available products and services.
  • Build a following of people who “Like” your products and/or business. 
  • Photo and Video galleries.
  • Interactive poll questionnaires.
  • News updates. 
  • Contact and location information.
  • Direct people to your web site.


How to get started

A basic Facebook page can be set-up quickly and easily by using appropriate content from you current web site or promotional material. You can then add “Status Updates,” these are brief notes or news about your business, and can offer more details via a link to your web site. Regular “Status Updates” can keep your business in the public mind.


Facebook is part of today’s culture. Getting on board is quick and easy. Don’t get left behind.

Visit – http://www.facebook.com/business

How to Create Business Pages on Facebook

Video Source: Hubspot