E-Marketing Solutions

Creative Concept Development

We are able to assist you to communicate and develop your concepts into viable e-Business outcomes.

Media Strategies

We can assist you to maximise the returns from communicating and promoting your products/ services in a variety of media, including:  social media, traditional media, business-specific magazines, Click campaigns, linked sites, etc.

Campaign Implementation

Comedge can work with you to undertake e-Marketing campaigns.  We implement Click campaigns and other commercial online strategies, and provide tracking and monitoring of results, together with documented reports and quarterly reviewing to ensure the best results for your budget spend.

Search Engine Optimisation

Our SEO services are designed to ensure the best brief and outcome for your budget, within defined timelines and for targeted audiences.
We utilise a diagnostic tool to establish your current situation, and then we improve rankings and optimisation using agreed e-Strategies and tactics, which are closely monitored for results.

Strategic Consulting

Through analysing market trends and how your business is run, we can help your organisation to map out a clear direction of your current and desired market position and business viability.
By working closely with senior management and your employees, we can help you to achieve increased productivity as well as a firm direction for the future growth and bottom line returns, including contingency plans for unforseen market volatility.