E-commerce Solutions

Website Design & Ongoing Development
We can tailor packages to suit all kinds of business models.We take a long-term total communication perspective in developing our design so that continual improvement and enhancement is designed into your solution.

We can provide a makeover or enhancement of your existing site and we can update your programs so that they are the latest versions . This assists in security from viruses and malware attacks packing as well as assisting you to manage your own website using a content management system

Online Shopping Portal developments

Today online shopping systems are a must for many businesses.  We provide our clients with safe and simple to use systems.
We assist with design and we provide real-time knowledge to ensure operations are smooth, commercial and rewarding for customers.

Market research , Surveys and Tracking studies

Comedge is a division of a marketing and business consultancy. This consultancy provides quality market research marketing strategy and planning and information implementation strategies for business growth and client /customer success.

We can help you with market segmentation and development of appropriate market research strategies to gain evidence based information for better business performance .

We can assist you with Questionnaire Design to achieve high response rates to surveys. Our insightful analysis, interpretation and reporting will give you a clear insight into optimum strategies to achieve bottom line objectives and value add databases and marketing intelligence.

Search Engine Optimisation

Since Google introduced the new Hummingbird algorithm the game has changed in optimising websites and online platforms.

The old approach of black and white hat techniques to achieve search engine optimisation and provide shortcuts to page 1 rankings is now harder to achieve.

Hummingbird has introduced a new and better way of evaluating the true providers who have real know-how and appropriate content online to attract customers and deliver online value

Our search engine optimisation is based upon content and delivery of the best information and knowledge that meets consumer and customer needs.

It is also based upon providing good social media, networking and blogs and other information that enhances the value of your website and makes it a must read for Google. We also track keywords and make sure that our marketing is integrated and performs alongside search engine optimisation