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ComEdge Solutions since 1998.

We are a reliable, secure and quality-driven E-business solution provider. We deliver expert solutions and offer outstanding customer care.

ComEdge Solutions prides itself in its long history of providing the best possible e-solutions on time and within budget that are fixed with the client in written proposals.

Comedge resources can provide you with the unique online platform that you desire to gain ,maintain , and retain customers.

We have the proven skills to integrate traditional marketing and online strategies, skills and implement the solutions to ensure your marketing message is heard , understood and acted upon whether it be online or in traditional channels or both .

The people behind Comedge are marketers who have been involved in research , planning and developing strategies for the Australian market since the 1980’s They are able to bring a fusion of ecommerce and online know-how together with traditional and developed marketing insights and know how to develop appropriate solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s customers.

They have been involved in projects in all sectors of the economy including ;primary industry to secondary industry, manufacturing, converting ,mining, not-for-profit’s and charity. service sector ,events ,arts and entertainment, education , associations, government and export and business to business ,distribution and supply chain management,enviroment,retail and SME business development

At all times we are bottom line online and return on investment driven.

Visit www.competitiveedge.com.au for further details.