The growth in e-Commerce associated with the revolution of the iPhone, iPad and other online marketing systems, and supported by social media overkill, has put increasing pressure on SME businesses.

Like the 60s and early 70s, there is a cultural divide emerging between the IT savvy people/
e-knowing personnel, and general managers, divisional managers and operators.

The new technocrats in online and e-Commerce systems have developed their own “speak” and jargon, and if you get rattled by it you can miss the common sense, and become very confused and submissive to their constant “push” and desire for more and more systems, social media linkages, blogs, continual SEO analysis (analysis paralysis), applications software, etc. etc.

All this, without any management control and project management, because they take over operationally without broad integrated business strategies and bottom line realities, and push the organisation based on new and emerging technology barriers and online competitive threats.

It’s time we all sat down and took a cold shower about the e-world.

It’s revolutionary, it’s creative, and if not operationally demanding and driven, it’s efficient and effective.

It is not the only key success factor in optimising a core business’s value proposition and success. It can undermine performance in critical business areas if it assumes too much importance without being measured alongside all other growth aspects and resource needs in the total organisation.

This is not a call for resistance, but for a return to proper planning and strategically driven initiatives of which “e”, and online are a part and not the whole. Businesses have always needed to control, organise, plan and evaluate to execute plans for bottom line success.

Overriding this pragmatic and time-honoured template for business success with e-frenzy,
e-expenditure beyond measured budget, e-attention beyond reality and need, and
e-operations by jargon-speaking micro-thinking IT and e-technocrats who cannot see or understand the total organisation plan, strategy and organisational climates, is very dangerous.

Like an elephant, take your e-Commerce developments and advancements one bite at a time, and get an IT or “e” person or outsourced company like us, who can control, tame and handle the out of control elephant in the room.