We have always said at Comedge that after a customer, the greatest asset is the customer’s website.

Unfortunately, our customers do not agree most of the time. If their website is hacked, goes down, or has interference from a virus, or disappears because of Internet connections, theft or malfunction, they are left to depend on our server company and their backups of their website to restore this valuable and important asset on the Internet.

Sometimes our clients do not know their sites are down for one or two weeks because they never check them, and their only notice is from concerned clients or prospective clients.

Every client should have their passwords and user names stored securely, as this gives them access to the Internet and emails through their C panel.

They should also have a backup copy of their website which is the latest one, including recent changes.

In some circumstances, the servers cannot deliver recent copies from their backups and good and valuable updates are lost.

Even when an update is available, it takes time to restore it to the Internet, and two or three days can often pass as we and the client check for the latest site.

If you have a backup copy on a DVD in a secure place, we can load it up and have it up and running in 2-3 hours, depending on work volume.

I think you should go and backup your website right now.