Your Website as a Selling Tool


In previous blogs we have talked about the website as a selling tool. A selling tool is an important part of a business because nothing happens until there is a sale. As a selling tool the website should be able to take customers from awareness through to Action to Awareness in a step commonly known Continue Reading



QR is short for Quick Response. The QR code was developed in Japan. You may see QR codes in a magazine advertisement, on a billboard, a web page or even on someone’s t-shirt. The reason why they are more useful than a standard barcode is that they can store much more data, including url links, Continue Reading

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising for better ROI


Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is key to most online marketing campaigns today, and it’s often expensive and overwhelming. Here are a few tips to help improve your PPC campaign and help you gain a greater ROI. You can make the whole advertising process intuitive, while communicating the right message to the right people. 1. Negative Keywords Continue Reading

Why Do Businesses Require SEO?

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The rapid development in use of internet technology has massively changed the way business is conducted across any industry. People trust search engines as a way of locating information online and statistical data reveals that more than 320 million searches are made through search engines daily. To drive the internet users towards your product and Continue Reading

How Do E-Business Solutions Empower your Business?

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In this technology-driven digital world, business competition is growing at an enormous pace. Companies take advantage of E-Business Solutions to empower their business and to overcome business competition. Further, E-Business Solutions helps entrepreneurs to fulfill needs of their customers and expand customer base, sales and profit. Here we are going to discuss few E-business strategies Continue Reading

Effective E-Marketing Strategies to Achieve your Business Objectives


Internet has become a global marketplace and it is emerging as one of the fastest growing advertising mediums. With the extensive use of Internet, each and every business has made an online presence and is able to turn a lot of visitors into potential customers. It is estimated that 200 million websites are already available Continue Reading

Beyond the Website


Competitive Edge first started employing web designers in 1998, providing web design and development as a value added service for their clients.  At that time we had no idea about the revolution that the Web and online marketing was about to create. We guessed there would be a fusion between traditional marketing and the use Continue Reading