In our experience, blogging is one of the most effective ways for companies with non-retail professional services and/ or industrial products to gain customers online, and support and retain existing customers.

A blog that informs customers/ clients about your services, strategies and policies that can be adopted by them, product and service benefits or problems, etc. is always welcome to receptive organisations and management personnel.

A blog stays on your website (your own communication platform) for as long as you want it, and it can be archived and sourced over many years by clients.  Many of you would have had this experience for yourself in business, whether it be for knowledge and information, or for areas connected with hobbies and interests.


Blogs are excellent value because they cost nothing but a small amount of time, and they can:

  • Demonstrate know-how, IP, and expertise in a “soft” and plausible manner which gives you and your organisation credibility.
  • Solve problems for clients, and as such interest clients in dealing with your organisation
  • Be a window to the way your organisation’s culture works, your thinking, and your ability to communicate online, and therefore in person.
  • Often demonstrate the level of technology and assess the current know-how of organisations as a basis for business selection
  • Form a reference base whereby one organisation or individuals within an organisation tells others about something they read on your website, and so creates a prospect for future business.
  • Support claims that you make about your business in print, personally and online.
  • Be a great way for people in your organisation to contribute to the success and marketing of your business.  You may be surprised who can assist in taking on this role and writing informative, interesting and winning blogs.
  • Be good if they are not seen as academic papers or presentations, but thoughts on a topic from half a page to 1.5 pages maximum.

Many businesses have trouble changing their website and some do not even have a Content Management System (CMS).  If you do, you may be interested in the template below that could assist you or someone who supports you in your organisation to start putting blogs on your site and assist your online marketing strategy success.